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DefenCell Defencell
DefenCell is the result of a decade long investment in research, development and testing to create one of the most effective and versatile expeditionary protection systems available. A well-proven cellular construction combined with the strong geotextile material makes DefenCell a durable but lightweight and compact solution that is easily filled to provide protection to personnel and infrastructure from a variety of threats.
Military Applications
Designed by Engineers for Engineers, DefenCell is being used to provide protection to troops at Camp Bastion and is ideal for a wide range of Military applications. Taking advantage of the small logistical burden of DefenCell's light weight and compact packaging, typical uses include protective walls, compartmentalization, entry control points and training operations.
Military Logistics
DefenCell offers significant logistical advantages over other Expeditionary Force Protection systems. Highly efficient modular packaging reduces transport costs, cuts supply chain resources and is up to ten times lighter and five times more compact than gabions. All components are man portable and easily deployed to remote and inhospitable locations.
Military Logistics Military Logistics
DefenCell has been extensively tested for Homeland Security applications providing Critical Infrastructure Protection including perimeter security, vehicle barriers and inspection lanes as well as temporary or permanent barriers. Vehicle crash tests have highlighted the protective capabilities of DefenCell products to arrest vehicles and prevent secondary attack.
Environmental and Flood
DefenCell is environmentally neutral and completely non-metallic. Recent successes in large emergency Flood Protection projects have proved the versatility of the DefenCell cellular structure and our products are also ideal for ground stabilization, erosion control, bank reinforcement and various water protection applications.
Environmental and Flood Environmental and Flood
Product Range
DefenCell is a modular system with a range of products designed to work together to provide the required levels of protection for a wide variety of application for specialist and general applications, from perimeter security to small firing positions, for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) and Flood protection.
DefenCell products have been extensively tested against typical blast and ballistic threats and undergone numerous vehicle crash tests. The US Army have successfully tested the DefenCell flood barrier and recent floods have proven it's effectiveness, while environmental testing has shown that the products can meet the stringent operational requirements of military deployment.
Testing Testing
The 100% logistics advantage - 1 cubic metre of packed DefenCell will make over 100 cubic metres of barrier. No other Force Protection system comes close.

The cellular structure provides considerable strength combined with built-in redundancy - if one cell is damaged the one behind will continue to provide protection and stability.
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