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Security Defencell
DefenCell has been installed in many locations in UK and abroad to provide effective but discreet protection to infrastructure and is regularly specified for new projects where it can be incorporated into security schemes. The completely non metallic structure has been extensively tested and protects against vehicle attack as well as blast and ballistic threats yet is easy to install and maintain.
Critical Infrastructure
DefenCell is the new generation of Critical Infrastructure protection products offering a lightweight and deployable solution for Homeland Security applications. Filled with locally available materials, the system is modular in height and width allowing construction to meet the differing threat requirements. All parts are man portable and air droppable, facilitating rapid deployment in remote or difficult environments.

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Buildings security

DefenCell can be incorporated into security measures for Public Places protection and is used in shopping centres, airports, sports stadiums and other populous locations. We work with designers, architects and contractors to ensure the required level of protection is provided while still maintaining the aesthetic and environmental considerations of high profile or sensitive locations.

Police stations, high security prisons and anti-terrorist HQ are all considered to require enhanced security measures in the current climate. DefenCell Profile 300 and T3 barriers give discreet protection whether in a stand-alone application or simply to reinforce existing perimeters.

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Oil & Gas

DefenCell is used for a wide range of applications in the Oil & Gas Industry and has been extensively installed in Europe, Asia and the Americas. It is specified by many leading exploration and production companies.

The cellular structure is ideal for building storage and evaporation ponds, protecting pipelines and bunkers as well as constructing and stabilizing roads through large seasonal weather changes.

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NGO & Aid

Aid workers and NGOs are often seen as potential targets and increased security provisions are now part of any camp construction. DefenCell is deployed for perimeter security, buildings protection and shelter compartmentalisation, as well as being suitable for collective protection areas, entry control chicanes and guard posts. Camps are often in remote and inaccessible locations so the light weight and logistical compactness of DefenCell is a significant advantage.

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Vehicle Barriers
The increase in the threat from Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED) and Hostile Vehicles has led to a need for effective protection systems to maintain maximum stand-off distance as well as blast mitigation in the event of an attack. DefenCell has been extensively and successfully tested against both VBIED and HVM and the cellular design dissipates energy along the length of the barrier very effectively.

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Perimeter Security

DefenCell is designed to provide perimeter security, from enhancing existing security systems and fences, to providing structural integrity to long perimeter barriers. DefenCell can be built to virtually any height and profiled to provide protection against specific threats. The Profile system has been successfully tested to PAS 68 standards and two standard versions are available to suit different threat levels. The ability of Profile to retain the suspect vehicle within the structure blocks a secondary attack.

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ECP & Chicanes

Vehicle Inspection lanes and traffic management at access points are essential elements of first line security for any building, industrial complex or security establishment. DefenCell is used to build chicanes, barriers and blockers to reduce traffic approach speed while at the same time providing protection to personnel and infrastructure from ballistic or blast threats.

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Landscaping & Planters

Once filled, DefenCell Profile can be planted or turfed to give a pleasing appearance and to complement existing landscaping schemes while still offering a substantial and proven barrier to HVM attack. Fitting DefenCell panels inside planters or behind existing walls has enhanced protection levels and helped aesthetic considerations while the cellular structure effectively dissipates crash or blast energy throughout the barrier.

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Temporary Barriers

Although DefenCell barriers can be easily installed and quickly removed there are situations when this is not practical for reasons of time or environmental considerations of using local fill materials.

The DefenCell MC is a modular pre-filled barrier system using a simple metal frame to hold the cellular structure filled with polymerised sand. These one Metre Cubes are easily deployed and removed using a HIAB or forklift. The MC has been successfully tested to PAS68 crash standards as well as against blast threats.

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Ranges and Training
DefenCell is a low maintenance, non-ricocheting tactical training ballistics barrier ideal for use on police, para-military and civilian firing ranges and shoot houses.

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Firing Ranges

The non-metallic advantages of DefenCell have been proven with its use in a number of ranges to provide backstops and lane separation with no danger of secondary shrapnel or ricochet. Using minimal resources, labour, and training, the system produces permanent or improvised military firing ranges.

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EOD/IED Training

DefenCell's behaves consistently when exposed to ordnance, helping security forces safely conduct live explosive ordnance disposal/improvised explosive device disposal (EOD/IEDD) training without the inherent risk of secondary fragmentation.

The non-metallic construction ensures that accurate training with detection equipment can be carried out and search lanes or MSR can be realistically built.

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Training Areas GS

DefenCell GS can be used to provide stable, free draining platforms for training areas and access roads, Vehicle hardstanding and Camp Winterisation. The heavy-duty geotextile fabric construction adapts to the terrain while offering excellent structural strength and durability. Water filters through while fill material and soil particles are retained by the geotextile. DefenCell can be emptied and re-used as necessary.

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Shoot Houses

The materials used in DefenCell are chemically neutral and ideal for use in environmentally sensitive training areas. Comprehensively tested, DefenCell barriers will stand-up to small arms, direct and indirect fires and the 100% geotextile construction removes the risk of ricochet or secondary shrapnel. The barriers can be easily removed on completion and the fabric composition ensures no metallic residue.

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