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Military Applications Defencell
DefenCell is the new generation of Force Protection Engineering, offering a lightweight and deployable solution for expeditionary operations. Filled with locally available materials, the system is modular in height and width allowing construction to meet the differing threat requirements. All parts are man portable and air droppable, facilitating deployment in hostile environments.

DefenCell is a range of cellular systems with applications for the Engineer to the Infantryman, from barrier walls to sangars and from collective protection to individual 'shell scrapes'. See how this comprehensive range of products fulfils the needs of the modern warfighter.
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Perimeter Protection
DefenCell is designed to provide perimeter security, from enhancing existing security systems and fences, to providing structural integrity to long perimeter barriers. DefenCell can be built to virtually any height or width and profiled to provide protection against specific threats.
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Ballistics Protection
DefenCell gives a high level of protection and has undergone extensive ballistic testing, against threats including ammunition up to 25mm cannon, as well as APDS and tracer. The strong non-woven fabric is durable and is only minimally affected by multi-shot attack.

• The completely non-metallic design mitigates the risk of secondary fragmentation and ricochet.
• Bullet and blast tested against small arms, cannons, mortars, artillery, VBIEDs, and other fragmentation weapons.
• Compactible for increased structural strength and integrity.
• Built in redundancy of cellular design.

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HVM Barriers
DefenCell products are ideally suited for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation and protection against VBIED, from long term perimeter security to temporary deployable barriers. From chicanes to access control barriers, DefenCell's versatility makes it the obvious choice for protective delay barriers. With different unit sizes, DefenCell offers virtually unlimited engineering design opportunities.

DefenCell Barriers, Profile and MC have been extensively and successfully tested against vehicle attack to meet UK PAS68 and US K12 standards. Profile and Barriers are installed as permanent protection in UK airports and various critical infrastructure while MC is a new and innovative solution for short term deployments.

• Stops and destroys explosive vehicles travelling at high speeds.
• PAS68/K12 approved vehicle crash barrier.
• Aesthetically pleasing and discreet designs that can be easily camouflaged or landscaped.
• Easy to install and maintain.
• Stackable to achieve greater vehicle impact capabilities.

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Blast Protection

Extensive testing has also been carried out to evaluate performance against a range of IEDs, shaped charges and simulated explosive weapons. DefenCell performs particularly well in blast mitigation tests as the cellular structure absorbs shock and minimizes shrapnel penetration.

Blast energy is dissipated across the length of the barrier, and the cellular structure absorbs fragmentation and ballistics damage.


• Mitigates the risk of secondary fragmentation.
• Protects against mortars, rockets and other fragmenting weapons.
• Absorbs fragmentation and ballistics.
• Cellular fabric construction dissipates energy across length of barrier.

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Personnel Protection
DefenCell is a 100% textile, personnel protection system designed for expeditionary operations. This lightweight cellular containment system can be installed very quickly, and is ideal for troop protection in remote locations.
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LITE (Lightweight Individual Tactical Emplacement) is a compact addition to the DefenCell Force Protection range. Lightweight and with a low pack volume (an unfilled unit weighs only 3.6kgs and comfortably fits in a sandbag), it is easily stored and moved. When filled, a LITE makes a wall section 3.2 m long, 0.6 m high and 0.7 m wide, equivalent to over 100 filled sandbags.

It can be quickly filled by hand, with shovels or MHE and unlike sandbags, the LITE needs no tamping or specific building technique: simply fill it and compact by treading.

The M1 is a recent innovation to meet a requirement for a 1 metre wide barrier system for personnel protection and will provide protection against significant ballistic and blast threats yet a 5m length weighs less than 10kg.

• Quickly filled by hand or shovels or MHE.
• Easy to build.
• Ideal for Firing Positions or Training

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Firing Positions
The effectiveness of a defensive fighting position is often limited by the amount of time available for preparation and construction. DefenCell minimizes deployment time without compromising safety. Two LITE or Ranger units can easily be carried in a pack with other units strapped to the outside as needed.

Within minutes, troops can build individual or multiple man fighting positions, machine gun encampments, anti-air emplacements or mortar positions. Because DefenCell is 100% textile, it can be cut and shaped to create custom primary and secondary fields of fire. The geotextile cellular construction is also easy to conceal using natural or man-made camouflage.

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Camp Security

The smaller DefenCell products still provide significant levels of protection against small arms, indirect fire and secondary shrapnel and can be installed for compartmentalisation outside (or inside) shelters and between buildings to provide ballistic protection. Just 60cms of compacted fill material will give protection against .50cal as well as mortars and rockets.

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Collective Protection

Successive layers of DefenCell can be built to the desired height to provide collective protection shelters. Walls of any thickness or length can be produced to suit ballistic and vehicle impact requirements, using locally available fill materials including wind blown sand or reclaimed materials, and easily compacted to give DefenCell structural strength and durability. Using ISO containers or just roof support systems will provide a safe haven in the event of attack.

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Guard Posts & Observation Towers

The versatility of DefenCell has been employed to design a range of small guard posts, sangars and ground or elevated observation posts. Overhead protection can be incorporated using lightweight metal frames or simple wood or steel supports.

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Operational Protection
The DefenCell System has been developed to enable force protection barriers to be rapidly deployed in operational conditions. Successive layers of DefenCell are built to the desired height.

Walls of any thickness or length can be produced to suit ballistic and vehicle impact requirements, using locally available fill materials including wind blown sand or reclaimed materials, and easily compacted to give DefenCell structural strength and durability.
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Artillery & Mortar Positions
DefenCell is ideal for the construction of protective positions for mortars and light artillery. Use LITE or DT1 to create an emplacement giving protection from ballistic threats up to 0.50 calibre and 14.5 mm, as well as from shrapnel and fragmentation.

A typical mortar pit can be built using 8 DT1 sections weighing a total of just 35kgs. A similar structure using sandbags would need over 1200 sandbags weighing over 200kgs. DefenCell is 100% textile with no metal or plastic parts so there is minimal risk of secondary fragmentation.

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Ammunition Storage
DefenCell structures are completely non-metallic, removing the risk of secondary shrapnel, spall or compass and RF interference. It is ideal for the construction of structures surrounding, or in close proximity to, ammunition and bomb storage.

DefenCell was used to construct the protective walls surrounding the Ammunition Supply Points at Camp Bastion and Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan. These were constructed in 2006 and recent examination showed minimal deterioration in either the appearance or strength of the structures.

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Airport Security

DefenCell Force Protection Systems are low-cost, aesthetically pleasing airport security barriers that can be implemented using locally available resources and minimum logistical requirements. Wall systems can be used to build permanent or temporary barriers and Profile provides unobtrusive perimeter security.

DefenCell's blast protection capabilities will protect aircraft and helicopters from mortars, small arms, rocket propelled grenades, and VBIEDs. The non-metallic construction eliminates damaging secondary fragmentation that can occur when using other Force Protection products.

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Fuel & Power

DefenCell Barriers are highly versatile and can be easily configured to build protective storage areas for fuel or water bowsers and storage tanks. DefenCell's light weight and logistical advantages allows engineers to quickly construct defensive perimeters using locally available granular fill materials (earth, sand, rocks or gravel). These barriers are equally effective protecting critical plant including generators and electrical/communications distribution equipment.

Unlike earth berms, which deteriorate and loosen from exposure to wind and rain, helicopter downdrafts and natural erosion, DefenCell's fill is contained and compactable for increased structural integrity. DefenCell is also stackable, allowing construction of high wall heights on a much smaller footprint than comparable earth berms.

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In The Field
The versatility of DefenCell is repeatedly illustrated by the numerous new applications that users have requested or deployed. The lightweight and compact logistics package allows the system to be deployed quickly and economically from stores to meets varied requirements.

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DefenCell can be used for a range of environmental applications including flood protection, erosion control, slope stabilization and sediment control.

DefenCell GS can be used to provide stable, free draining platforms for HLS, Vehicle hardstanding and Camp Winterisation. The heavy-duty geotextile fabric construction adapts to the terrain while offering excellent structural strength and durability. Water filters through while fill material and soil particles are retained by the geotextile. DefenCell can be emptied and re-used as necessary.

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EOD Training
DefenCell behaves consistently when exposed to ordnance, helping troops safely conduct live explosive ordnance disposal/improvised explosive device disposal (EOD/IEDD) training without the inherent risk of secondary fragmentation.

The non-metallic construction ensures that accurate training with detection equipment can be carried out and search lanes or MSR can be realistically built.

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Training & Ranges

DefenCell is a low maintenance, non-ricocheting tactical training ballistics barrier ideal for use on military, police and civilian firing ranges and shoot houses. Using minimal resources, labour, and training, the system produces permanent or improvised military firing ranges.

The materials used in DefenCell are chemically neutral and ideal for use in environmentally sensitive training areas. The barriers can be easily removed on completion and the 100% textile construction ensures no metallic residue.
The new Ranger is a shorter version of the LITE and is perfect for small emplacements and protecting pop-up target mechanisms.
Comprehensively tested, DefenCell barriers will stand-up to small arms, direct and indirect fires, various types of vehicle borne and individual explosive devices and other fragmenting weapons.

• Live fire ranges
• Explosive Method of Entry (EMOE)
• Improvised field ranges
• Sniper ranges
• Partitioned ranges
• Close quarter battle (CQB) houses
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Bunds & Berms

DefenCell Profile bund systems are textile, cellular, containment systems which can be filled with various materials (sand, gravel and small rocks) to build structures for perimeter security, ammunition storage and HVM protection.

The layered construction technique combined with the cellular design gives the compacted fill strength and durability not available otherwise. Traverses and berms can be easily built to 4m or more on a relatively narrow base, saving space, time and labour.

Profile is made from proven materials and the neutral properties of the geotextile combined with the ease of landscaping, make it ideal for use in environmentally and visually sensitive locations. It can be easily turfed or planted and quickly blends with the surroundings while still providing a proven and substantial barrier.
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