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Environmental and Flood Defencell
DefenCell products can be used for a range of environmental applications including Ground Stabilisation, Flood Protection and Erosion Control.

The heavy-duty geotextile fabric construction adapts to the terrain while offering excellent structural strength and durability. The easy-to-deploy cellular confinement system is well suited for irregular terrain and when filled provides a stable, free draining reinforcement. The addition of an integral or external impervious layer makes an effective flood barrier for temporary or permanent installation.
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Ground Stablisation
DefenCell Ground Stabilisation (GS) is truly versatile and proven in a wide range of civil engineering applications. The strong lightweight cellular panels are ideal for providing surface stabilization or ground reinforcement and yet single panels are man portable and simply deployed by hand or using MHE.

DefenCell GS panels are manufactured in various sizes, heights and cell diameters to suit many tasks and ensure that supply routes remain open.
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Roads & Paths
The process of using a layer of geotextile before laying aggregate when building roads and railways has been proven over many years and Terram and Typar fabrics are market leaders in these materials. Adding a cellular reinforcement to this construction creates roads and paths of enormous durability during seasonal fluctuations in temperature, rainfall and traffic.

DefenCell GS is also completely non-metallic and is therefore ideal for use in areas where environmental considerations prevent the use of more permanent or chemically aggressive products including metals or hard plastics.

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HLS & Vehicles
Using DefenCell GS to build an elevated and free draining platform gives the reassurance of a year round hardstanding area for cars, trucks and buses despite localised weather conditions.

The addition of polymer stabilisers to the fill material or laying a suitable protective covering provides an easily installed and economic surface suitable for helicopter operations.

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Camp Winterisation

Using DefenCell GS to provide a stable surface for building camps, siting modular buildings and to cover essential environmental services like drainage adds to effective design. Aid organisations and military commanders often have to build camps in areas where transportation routes converge, in flood plains or wadis and the ability to ensure consistent ground conditions is a significant advantage.

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Flood Protection
DefenCell has been proven in action, and in thorough testing, to be an effective and easily installed Flood Protection barrier. Using DefenCell to build new defences, enhance existing protection measures or reinforce weakened levees ensures that communities, towns and farms are protected. Tested by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, DefenCell Flood Walls significantly outperform sandbags through:

• Faster installation and removal time
• Less water seepage
• Better overall system endurance

A simple one metre high (or just 0.50m) wall will be sufficient to stop all but the most extreme flooding. Adding this to an existing levee or embankment is a quick and easy solution and many times faster than installing the equivalent barrier using sandbags.

Testing has shown DefenCell to be many times faster to install than sandbags and also much faster and easier to remove when the threat has passed. Reports on two recent deployments on the Ohio River in the US and in Ontario, Canada have proved the operational capabilities of DefenCell.
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