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Product Range Defencell
DefenCell is a modular protection and construction system with several ranges of standard size compatible products. Barriers and structures are built to the desired height, width and length by using additional product sections as needed. The proven cellular design provides structural integrity and the strong non-woven geotextile fabric retains the fill materials and is durable and UV resistant yet lightweight and free draining.
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The DefenCell Barrier System allows force protection barriers to be deployed and built rapidly in operational conditions. The advanced design allows vertical walls to be built and the modular design simplifies the construction of corners or joins and the incorporation of gates, guard posts, sentry towers or firing positions.

Successive layers of DefenCell are built to the desired height and walls of any thickness or length constructed to suit ballistic and vehicle impact requirements. A wide range of locally available fill materials can be used, including wind blown sand, and these are easily compacted to give DefenCell structural strength and integrity.

The complete range of DefenCell is made from strong, durable and internationally proven geotextile material; is lightweight, non-metallic, man portable and compact.

The system offers significant logistical advantages and a single 40' container will provide well over 1km of wall, 2m wide and 2m high, or 2.5 km of 1.25m wide, 1.50m high.


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Temporary Protection
To meet the need for a deployable temporary barrier which offered similar protection capabilities to the standard DefenCell system a version prefilled with polymerized sand and measuring approx. 1.00 x 1.00 x 1.00m (Metre Cube or MC) has been developed. The initials and it's visual appearance have led to it being named the 'Milk Crate'.


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Berms & Bunds
DefenCell Profile is a range of specially designed cellular panels used to build substantial berms, bunds and barriers to meet a wide range of protective requirements. The layered construction technique combined with the cellular design provides a high degree of versatility in installation, integrating the barrier with the natural elements of the site. Profile is environmentally neutral but highly durable and can be easily covered or planted to provide an aesthetically pleasing barrier.

Barriers can be built to provide protection for camps and hospitals, aircraft and helicopter protection, as well ammo and fuel depots.

The outside surface of the traverse can be treated on location to blend into its surroundings or enhance its resilience. The traverse and wall systems are versatile and can be combined to provide a vertical wall on one side of the structure, turn corners and accommodate uneven surfaces and obstacles.


• Profile 300
• Profile 500
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Profile 300 Profile 500
Ground Reinforcement
DefenCell Ground Stabilisation (GS) is designed for many construction applications and the strong lightweight panels are ideal for creating surface stabilization. Uses include vehicle hardstanding or HLS, roads or pathways, platforms for shelters and temporary building, erosion control, slope stabilisation and environmental protection.


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Profile 300 Profile 500
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