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Military Logistics Defencell
DefenCell offers enormous logistical advantages compared to other deployable Force Protection systems. Up to ten times lighter and five times more compact than gabions, DefenCell cuts delivery costs, uses less supply chain resources and is more effectively deployed to forward positions. All components are lightweight and man portable combined with modular packaging which gives significant improvements in storage and transport costs.
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Sling It
Supplying forward operating base (FOB) fortifications can require a significant (and expensive) logistical commitment from air resources. Even a small FOB can easily require several containers of force protection equipment for perimeter security alone. Chinooks can lift up to 10 tons tandem, but are limited in the number of containers they can carry per trip.

DefenCell systems help mitigate this logistical burden by providing a lightweight alternative to other fortifications. DefenCell's compact design and lack of metal parts minimizes its logistical footprint, condensing up to five containers worth of barriers into one 9,000kgs container.

This compact footprint reduces the number of necessary flights minimizing risk in combat environments and reducing repetitive exposure. These logistical advantages are achieved without compromising the protection afforded to the FOB.

Drop It
Military logistics are constantly pushing the limits of acceptable air drop altitudes. For C-130 pilots, dropping cargo from altitudes below 100 feet and pinpointing drops to within 10 to 15 meters is becoming standard operating procedure. Metallic cargo can easily be damaged at those altitudes as it does not have time to decelerate sufficiently. This limits the airdropping potential of metal-based force protection systems.

DefenCell consists entirely of geotextile material and can be dropped safely from altitude. The all-textile construction makes DefenCell highly compactable for easy palletisation. Up to five 463L airborne pallets of DefenCell can fit within a C-130 -- enough to create two 100 man forward operating bases with walls over 2.5m high and 70m long (total perimeter 600+ metres).

Truck It
Convoys are essential to military transportation and logistics, but are unfortunately a primary target for IEDs and ambushes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Transporting fortifications for forward operating bases is especially dangerous due to the large amount of material that needs to be moved.

DefenCell is a new generation of lightweight perimeter and compartmentalisation defence system that minimizes logistical requirements. A single pallet of DefenCell weighs less than 350kgs. and provides sufficient units to build a 2 metre high wall more than 40 metres long. For comparison, an equivalent wire-based defensive wall would weigh 1400kgs.

A single 20 foot military container of DefenCell can be used to construct one 100 man forward operating base with walls over 2.50m high and 600m perimeter (150m long x 150m wide). DefenCell fortifications can be filled using locally available granular material (sand, dirt or rocks), and help protect against bullets, blasts, and vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs).

Pack It
Sometimes the soldier's only logistical option is the pack on their back. Weighing only 3.6kgs, the DefenCell LITE is the first man portable force protection system capable of stopping up to .50 calibre small arms fire.

Individual LITE personnel protection units can be filled using minimal resources. Two soldiers armed with shovels and locally available fill (sand, rock or gravel) can fully construct a LITE within minutes. A single LITE unit provides the equivalent protection of 160 sandbags in a fraction of the setup time.

The LITE can be configured for custom heights and widths depending on the expected threat, and can be separated to form smaller cells, if desired.
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